31 July

A. DB RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
4 sets of 8 per leg holding 55’s

B1. Strict Pull up; Max Reps x4; Rest 60 seconds

B2. CGBP @21×1; 6-8×4; Rest 100 seconds
8 reps @ 185 x 4
C. Deadbugs; 20 reps alternating sides per rep x5; Rest 60 seconds – http://www.tonygentilcore.com/blog/deadbugs-the-what-why-and-how/
Just a brief pause at the bottom

50 HSPU for time – kipping is allowed
14:40. Was a weakness before… Feels like I’m starting all over with them. Very frustrating.


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