Monthly Archives: May 2014

29 May

Man pretty frustrating day. Lack of pronation greatly affected the front rack position for FS and press. For front squat I can get my elbow up decently but due to tightness in my triceps and shoulder, the weight sits on my left collar bone which sticks out because I broke it.

A. Front Squat 1RM
Stopped at 275. Limit was front rack position.

B. WTD Pull up; 1RM – be smart here buddy
Did not attempt due to biceps tender today.

C. Standing Strict Press; 1RM – w/ barbell
Warmed up with bar and felt tightness in arm but able to accomplish reps. Put on 95 and couldn’t even hold it in rack position.

D. Seated DB Press @3010; 6RM – both arms at the same time, follow tempo strictly
The gym has random single DB’s. This is the point where I got extremely frustrated and said fuck it. Im sitting here doing shoulder and biceps mobility while I post this.


27 May

225. Couldnt get grip too close due to lack of ROM.

B. Max Strict Dips – be careful here
8 reps

C. Powell raise @3010; 8RM/arm
15 lb DB each arm
10k row for time

26 May

I will post the workouts from the past week in the morning.  I left the sheets with the on my desk at work.

A. Back Squat 1RM
Stopped at 375. Lifting heavy still freaks me out a little but I will get over it. Considering the most I have ever back squat it is 395, I am pretty happy with that considering.

B. Max Strict Pull ups @3010 – 1 set
I did 3 and it started to feel a little tender.  It felt strong, I just definitely do not want to push it right now.
C. DB Seated external rotations @3010; 8RM per arm
I was not sure of the reps scheme for this and I should have clarified. I just used a 10 pound weight for both arms and did 3 sets of 8
10 minutes max cals airdyne
I think I could have pushed a little bit harder earlier. I was happy with the second half of the air Dyne. I ended with 207.

16 May

A. Back Squat; Work up to a heavy triple – let me know how your biceps handles this.

Got 305 and stopped there. Arm feels fine. 

B. Good morning @22×1; 8-10×4; Rest 90 seconds

155 for 10/10/8/8

C. Barbell Hip Thrust @11×5; 10-12×4; Rest 2 minutes

165 for 10 reps. Posterior chain was lit up.
8 sets
20 seconds airdyne max effort for cals
3:00 rest walk
– Record cals per set.
– If you deviate by 2 or more calories from the first set call it a day and terminate the workout.

16/16/15/15/14… Was fucking pissed at myself. I felt like I was around 88-90% on the first set, but I guess it was closer to 95-98%. 

20 minute easy walk, constant movement


I just saw your email, can I do the 8 sets of 500m row tomorrow in conjunction with the workout you sent? I can either of them both tomorrow afternoon/evening or complete the workout you sent on Tuesday. This week I will be back on track and hopefully minimize flail. Thanks for everything man. 

15 May

A. DB RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
Used 55lbs for 4 sets of 8 per leg

B. DB Russian Step ups 20″ box; 5-7/leg x4; Rest 60 seconds between legs – heavy! Do not drive off bottom leg
Held 18lb KBs in each hand. Really tried to focus on no drive.

C. Box jumps; 5,5,5,5; Rest 2 minutes – 30+ inch box
Felt good. First couple jumps, I could feel it in my bicep as it tighten up as I was jumping, but it felt fine after that.

14 sets
200 meter run
5:00 rest
– Push it here brotha…log time per set

Did not finish due to the plantar fasciitis in right foot being very painful. Iced and stretched it most of the night and it helped a little. Going to start taping before I run.

13 May

A. Barbell RDL @5050; 8-10×3; Rest 90 seconds – CAREFUL with the arm bud, if it is dodgy just let me know and we’ll avoid it
Used 95 lbs for sets of 8. Was challenging but felt good to lift again.

B. Good morning @3030; 8-10×3; Rest 90 seconds –
Used 145lbs for 3 sets of 10

C. WTD GHD glute ham raise @2011; 8-10×3; Rest 2 minutes
Used 25lbs for 3 sets of 10
10 k time trial
50:58. Didn’t pace the first half very well. Hit the turn around point around 27 min.

7 May… Updated from 36,000 Feet!!

Did this in the hotel. The heaviest DB’s they had were 50’s. 


A. DB RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs

4 sets of 8 each leg holding 50lb DB’s

B. DB Russian Step ups; 4-6/leg x4; Rest 60 seconds between legs – heavy! Do not drive off bottom leg

4 sets of 6 each leg holding 30’s

C. Prisoner jump squats; 20,20,20,20; Rest 2 minutes –

Pretty challenging. All sets unbroken
10 sets 80% effort, aerobic
60 seconds burpees
60 seconds rest

– All sets same amount of burpees, this is NOT a max effort. Pace yourself here
– Record every set

17 Burpees each round. Arm felt fine. Did step down/step up for the majority to reduce the impact of sprawling. Engine felt good. Last few sets got pretty nasty.