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Day 2

Row 60 min for max meters

— 15,654. Held an average pace of 1:54-1:55. Felt good throughout and was able to push it up for the last couple minutes.


Day 1

Day 1

Flew this morning and had a 4 AM wake up. Had a big lunch for Thanksgiving and didn’t feel very strong or powerful today for the tests. I took videos and I will post them in the next couple days when I figure out how to get them from my phone onto here. Overall I was frustrated and I know my numbers are nowhere where they should be. I guess we gotta start somewhere right?

A. Build to Max Front Squat Tempo 30×1 in 10mins (keep elbows up, back straight, drop butt between your ankles.  Don’t forget to brace the core.)

— Got 335, failed at 345. Back was starting to round out of the bottom. Was happy considering the tempo and slightly increased ROM from what I’m used to (ass the ankles).

Rest 5 mins

B. Build to Max Power Clean in 10mins (receive in ¼ squat, brace core, elbows high)

— Ended at 295. Felt heavy today. 275 felt solid and then I started to get wide on the landing for heavier reps. Did not get full hip extension.

Rest 5mins

C. Build to Max Press in 10mins (drive through heels, keep elbows down, slightly in front of bar)

— Got 245 and failed at 255. Got a stinger in my neck early on in the reps so going overhead was pretty uncomfortable after. 

Rest 5mins

D. Build to Max Weighted Pull Up tempo 30×1 in 10mins

— Got 93#. Wasn’t sure how to do the pacing with a 1 rep pull up so I just did a max weighted pull-up. Ended up using an 88lb KB + 5lb weight.